2 years on from our first artist collaboration on ShipArt™ vehicle number 1, we are delighted to announce that the next addition to the ArtOnWheels series, vehicle number 8, will be wrapped in the art of Adelaide Damoah. Adelaide Damoah’s current practice involves using her body as a “living paintbrush” to paint or print onto various surfaces. She works with photographs and text later in the creation of the work.

About ArtOnWheels

Through ArtOnWheels, Flight Logistics/ShipArt™ (a major player in the delivery of artwork globally) is actively helping to make art accessible to all. By working with renowned artists, we are able to showcase artwork in social environments by literally bringing it to the streets as part of our ArtOnWheels series. What could be more accessible (and free!) to the public than a fleet of vehicles sporting the artists imagery whilst on our roads?

ArtOnWheels allows artists to reach audiences, improving their profile, broadening their audience, overcoming some of the traditional preconceptions of art being “exclusive” AND allowing Flight Logistics/ShipArt™ to demonstrate a special, supportive relationship and empathy with the art community and showcase the services and advice we can provide in terms of shipping art.

About Adelaide Damoah

Adelaide Damoah lives and works in London and is a founding member of the BBFA (Black British Female Artists Collective). She is a British artist of Ghanaian descent whose earlier work combined African and Western influences while highlighting social issues.

We hope you are as excited as we are to see ShipArt™ vehicle number 8 wrapped and on the road in November. Follow us on social media for updates and progress.