Supporting Project Art – The Social Arts Market™

We are delighted to be working with Project Art – The Social Arts Market™ and supporting them in their focused commitment to artists and customers by providing a comprehensive and bespoke collection and delivery solution for all manner of artwork sold through their online platform.


Project Art – The Social Arts Market ™ is a superb and remarkably innovative online marketplace for artists and art lovers globally. Artists have the opportunity to present themselves as well as to offer their works for sale. In turn, art lovers can learn more about the artists and can make more informed impressions about what they appreciate most by using features including the ability to see what artwork would look like in their rooms, as well as having the opportunity to make purchases.


With our help, Project Art – The Social Arts Market ™ will be able to offer their discerning audiences the option to have helpful guidance and careful management of their precious artwork in transit, including crating/packing, insurance, and expert advice on customs and clearance paperwork to ensure artwork travels through international borders with minimum delay.