If you are exporting to China, please take note of the following:

Due to the particularly high level of Consignee involvement required by Chinese customs for clearances and to translate the address from English into Mandarin, it is now becoming essential that all shipments to China have a full address, contact name, and telephone number for the consignee supplied so that contact with the consignee can be established. Failure to do so could result in the delivery being delayed, and additional customs charges being incurred.

If you are exporting to Hong Kong please be advised of the following:

Due to recent service changes across the sector in Hong Kong it is now a necessity for us to charge for residential address deliveries. Our agent has been absorbing these for the last few months but it has become unfeasible to continue to do so. These will be passed on to the sender at £3.50 per delivery and Customer Service will advise you of this on a case by case basis where necessary. This charging will commence from Monday 11th May.