We are delighted to continue our support of Many Tears Animal Rescue this year.
As well as an annual cash donation our MD recently took down a supply of bedding, towels, food, and office supplies, so they can avoid spending their meager resources on ancillary costs and focus the money on the dogs and vet care that they desperately need.


Tracey Brown, Sylvia Van Atta & our donation Converted portacabin

The majority of Many Tears dogs are ex-breeders and rejected puppies from puppy farms. Although Many Tears take on street dogs and dogs needing to be rehomed due to changes in their owners circumstances, the puppy farm rejects, in particular, arrive in very poor health and the vet and volunteers at Many Tears currently work out of an old converted portacabin.
All dogs and bitches have to be health checked and spayed on arrival, which can mean that the single operating table and recovery pens can be in use almost 24/7 during peak periods. Many Tears are currently fundraising for a new vet room – they are a not-for-profit organisation and are totally reliant on donations and volunteers – so every penny counts!
You can make a direct donation by clicking here