At a time when we are closely following Arts4Wokingham as they shortlist artists bidding to win a commission for the Carnival Hub public art installation here in Wokingham, we witnessed footage of an enormous humpback whale making its way up the Tay Estuary towards Dundee’s waterfront. At an impressive 36 metres long, 9 metres tall, and 18 metres wide, it is double the size typical of its species.

Obviously, this is no ordinary whale, it is in fact a large metal and tubular piece produced by artist Lee Simmons who won the commission as part of Dundee City Council’s redevelopment plans. Once installed visitors will not only be able to appreciate the view but will also get to enjoy an interactive sound and light experience beneath the seemingly floating colossus.

In general, public art should reflect the area in which it is placed, it can be an introduction to the essence of a town or city. Lee’s humpback whale reflects the city’s historical ties to the whaling industry, but we understand that it will at the same time highlight environmental issues concerning our oceans.

Congratulations to Dundee City Council and Lee Simmons and we look forward to seeing the finished installation.