Flight Logistics has been supporting students at Bradfield College, Berkshire in their mission to establish a library for disadvantaged children in Huruma district, Nairobi, Kenya as part of the EDCLUB movement (outlined below). We invited our clients in the publishing sector to donate books and magazines to help with this wonderful cause.

We are delighted to give a shout out and a big thank you to Palazzo Editions Limited who immediately responded with the good news that they would like to donate a collection of books. Flight Logistics have collected the books and will deliver them safely to their destination.

“We welcome the opportunity to support this wonderful cause and are delighted to offer an assortment of our kid’s books to help educate the children in Huruma, Kenya”.

Jon Rippon – Managing Director, Palazzo Editions Limited

About Palazzo Editions Limited
Palazzo Editions Limited are a young and flourishing independent publishing company based in Barnes, London. They create beautifully designed and illustrated books for the UK and international markets in the areas of popular culture, music, film, art, design and architecture, history and biography, and children’s books.
The EDCLUB movement
EDCLUB Movement gives disadvantaged kids from a range of countries (Kenya, UK, India, Netherlands, Malawi) the chance to build a better future through self-education and encouragement by giving them access to computers and encouraging them to learn using the Internet. Bradfield College supports the movement by mentoring kids in Huruma district (Kenya), helping them with reading, maths and various other educational skills. In addition to this, a small group of Bradfield pupils have now set up a project to resource and build a library at their Kenya partner school as an extra learning resource.

They need educational books – Let’s help them achieve this!