Being fortunate enough to handle and see some amazing works of art as part of the
“day job” we wanted to start sharing some of those amazing images with the wider
public to afford people outside the traditional artworld the opportunity to see
astonishing art in everyday spaces.

Two years ago we decided to start wrapping our ShipArt vehicles in art from some
of our outstanding contemporary art clients. A mutually beneficial project of inclusivity
allowing artists to reach audiences that might never set foot in a gallery or art
show, improving their profile, broadening their audience, overcoming some of the
traditional preconceptions of art being “exclusive” AND allowing Flight Logistics
to demonstrate a special, supportive relationship and empathy with the art community
and showcase the services and advice we can provide in terms of shipping art.

Two years on and we have 7 ShipArt vehicles wrapped

…with another 3 on order for the end of 2018, keep following our story for the
announcement of our next artist collaboration.