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“Logistics has key role in omni-channel transformation”…not news to us!

December 16th, 2015

Sometimes a company doesn’t have to be a huge, multi-national corporation to understand and respond to the diverse, omni-channel environment.

In fact the more nimble of us are already ahead of the curve!

Since 2009 FLG has understood and anticipated the transformative power of e-commerce supply chain management. Our provision of omni-channel routes to market (way before the coining of the “omni-channel” buzz word) have long demonstrated the intrinsic link between us, our own happy customers and their happy customers. Transparent platforms combined with bespoke analytics transform supply chains and engender symbiotic growth.

A link to the strategising of a “bigger beast” can be found here . If you’re outside the vertical – like us – you could be a channel agnostic – like us!!!