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Revealed – ShipArt ArtOnWheels vehicle No.18 artist announced

June 1st, 2021

We’re very pleased to reveal that artist Ken Nwadiogbu will be the next ShipArt™ #ArtOnWheels artist – he is currently creating an awesome piece of art for vehicle No.18.

The multidisciplinary artist (who was born in Lagos) has just completed a residency at London’s Bomb Factory Art Foundation and is now prepping for a solo show in July. We don’t want to give too much away about the solo show and the vehicle wrap project so for now please visit his website here and read his bio. He is an inspiring artist and mentor – and we can’t wait to work with him on this wrap.

About the ShipArt™ – #flightlgart/#ArtOnWheels Fleet
In essence the Art on Wheels project is our very own Public Art Program.
Full information including the background and introductions to each vehicle and its artist can be found on this dedicated ShipArt™ #flightlgart Vehicle Wrap Public Art Program page.