As 2017 approaches (and where did 2016 go!!) we already have our first art project lined up. Artrooms is an exciting concept giving new artists the opportunity to showcase and exhibit their work for free. Each year the selection process from thousands of applicants across the globe starts 12 months before the show when a panel of industry experts, art critics and buyers select those whose art they deem to be the most thought-provoking, awe-inspiring and creative. This is a unique hosting opportunity for London’s thriving art scene and one which Flight Logistics is honoured to be asked to take part in. As well as sponsoring the event our ShipArt experts will be available to advise the artists, galleries, buyers and enthusiasts on all aspects of the shipping of art – from wrapping, packing and crating through to insurance, carnet preparations, customs paperwork and delivery.

More information about Artrooms 2017 is available here