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Art Packing Part 2 – Professional Packing for artwork and fragile items

Art Packing Part 1 – Guide to packing your own art

Art & Fragile Consignment Data Card-Download


7 considerations when choosing the right delivery company for your business

  • CLICK HERE to see the full article which includes:

    • The performance of your courier partner can have a marked effect on your brand value
    • Is it all about price?
    • Big is not necessarily best
    • Tracking
    • Don’t settle for a general courier operator if you have bespoke needs like a fragile service
    • Customer Service and communications
    • Research and reputation


Artists – 8 bespoke top tips for social media success

This 8-step guide covers topics from setting up your accounts on appropriate platforms, through to making connections with relevant audiences that can make a difference to your success.


6 useful tips to facilitate customs clearance

Ever experienced delays caused by customs issues when shipping goods abroad? Here are 6 useful tips to facilitate a quicker outcome next time.

Christmas last posting dates – December 2018

Flight Logistics announces its latest recommended posting dates for the UK and overseas destinations to ensure that businesses are prepared for the irregularities brought about by the Christmas period.

EORI -What is it and why is it important?

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    • What is an EORI number?
    • Who needs an EORI number?
    • What are the benefits of having an EORI number?
    • How is it actually used?
    • How do you check if you have already been assigned an EORI number?
    • How do you get an EORI number and how long does it take?
    • How much does it cost?
    • Not VAT registered do you still need it?
    • VAT registered, do you still need it?


E-commerce Returns Management – 5 important issues to discuss with your E-commerce Logistics Partner

  • CLICK HERE to see the full article which includes:

    • Make sure your logistics supplier understands where you are selling to
    • Agree how fast you need returns to come back from the recipient and back into circulation
    • Let them know what you expect in terms of adequate quality control on returning items
    • Find out what they can offer in terms of damaged packing
    • Make sure they offer returns reporting



E-Commerce best practice – order to delivery

CLICK HERE to see the full article on how to structure your online sales process for best results.