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Flight Logistics Group Ltd

Insurance Overview

1. Excluded goods

The following goods are not covered as standard, unless declared to, and agreed by our Underwriters prior to shipment:

a) Precious metals, diamonds and other stones
b) Bullion, money, credit cards, debit cards, ATM cards, cash-replacement cards, store and gift cards, travellers-cheques, securities, bonds, deeds, bank notes, treasury notes, stamps, event or travel tickets, and similar cash substitutes
c) Weapons and explosives of all kinds
d) Live animals and plants
e) Laptop computers, personal computers, computer chips, memory modules, expansion cards, software licenses, and the like
f) Plasma screens
g) Mobile telephones, pre-paid mobile phone vouchers, SIM cards, accessories, and the like.

2. Limitations of liability

NB. Full details can be found in our complete Terms and Conditions on our website – this is a summary only.

Unless you have taken out additional insurance with us, our liability for claims of loss or damage is limited to either a) the value of the goods or repair OR b) a sum at the rate of 2 SDRs per kilo of the gross weight of the goods WHICHEVER SHALL BE LOWER to a maximum of £100. eg. A shipment weighing 50kgs (100SDR’s or £50 liability) with a declared value of £500 can only considered for a claim of £100.

If you have taken out additional insurance, the following can be claimed for:

  • Total loss of the goods
  • Damage to the goods – where it can be proved that damage was caused during transit, and that the packaging was sufficient to withstand the rigours of transport for the relevant items.

No claim can be considered for:

  • consequential loss
  • delayed deliveries for whatever reason
  • electrical or mechanical derangement
  • damage where the packaging is deemed insufficient
  • damage where the goods have been signed for in good condition by the recipient

3. Making a Claim

In accordance with our Terms and Conditions of Trading you must notify us of any intention to claim following an issue with your delivery or damage within 14 days of delivery. If you are claiming for a lost consignment, the deadline for submitting a claim is 14 days from the date of sending. All claims and supporting paperwork must be emailed to –