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Can I send personal effects to the USA or other countries

Answer – yes you can. However we will need to have a full packing list showing all the items being sent. For the USA we will also need a “Declaration for Free Entry of Unaccompanied Articles” Form to be completed (see form in – downloads) before your shipment can be sent. Please note: we are not able to send aerosols or perfumes. They must be removed.

Can I send Food Items to the USA or other countries?

Answer – yes you can. However we will need to complete the FDA forms, for which there is a – £15.00 fee. Please check with Customer Service for full advice concerning your consignment prior to shipping, as destinations have different restrictions, and these are subject to change.

Can I send Dry Ice to USA or other countries?

Answer – Yes you can. However some destinations require early collection and early booking with the airline and agent, and will incur a surcharge. For collection times and prices please contact Customer Services. Specific paper work will also be required to accompany the shipment. We will require 4 copies of the pro form invoice if going outside the EU, and a letter on your headed paper stating that the goods are non-toxic and non-hazardous, if they are human , animal or plant samples . For the USA we will also require a TSCA form to be completed , this can also be requested from the Customer Service team.

Can I send Lithium batteries via air courier?

Answer – yes you can. However we will need a Safety data sheet to check the specifics of the batteries that you wish to send. Batteries may need to be disconnected from the item. If this is not possible, we may still be able to send them for you , or look into packing options with dangerous goods paperwork to accompany the shipment. In some cases there may be alternative shipping options. Please contact Customer Service for further details.

Do I get charged for Re-deliveries?

Answer – some areas and countries will incur re-delivery charges if the initial delivery attempt is unsuccessful. Charges are also incurred where a shipment is re-directed or returned.

Can you arrange specialist packing for artwork or any other items?

Answer – yes we offer a wide range of packing services including tri-wall cases, foam lined shipping crates, framed casing, and can accommodate any other special packing requirements required. For enquires concerning Art specifically, please email – For other items please speak to Customer Services.

Can you collect from a different address other than my main address?

Answer – yes we can arrange 3rd party collection for return back to your main address, or 3rd to 4th party movements to an alternative location. This can be done both within the UK, and internationally. We will need an email with all the collection details , contact name, telephone number and email address, and information concerning the goods to be moved. For prices please contact Customer Services.

Do you offer extra insurance?

Answer – yes we can insure most items. Cost and insurability depends on the nature and value of the goods, how they are packed and the destination. Examples of items which cannot be covered include laptops, mobile phones, jewellery and cash. Please contact Customer Service for prices and to determine if your goods can be insured.

Can I ship Liquids via Courier?

Answer – yes to some destinations, but not all. Some airlines will not carry liquids so please check with Customer Services if the destination you are sending this to has any restrictions.


Do you provide a packing service?

Yes, we have a comprehensive, bespoke packing service available. All works must be soft packed by the client prior to collection to ensure safe transit to the packers

Can I pack my own artwork?

Yes you can however if you require additional insurance you need to be aware that most insurers require photographic proof of how works are packed. If we do not deem the packing to be suitable for the delivery transport method we may not be able to offer cover and the work may have to be re-packed at additional cost to you. Please also be aware that many countries have restrictions on wood packaging and crates must carry the wheat stamp and the wood used must comply with ISPM15 regulations.

What type of packing can you offer?

We offer all types of packaging from tubes for rolled works to tri-walled, ply and foam lined cases, crates and A frames. We have shipped everything from feathers to walls!

Do you offer insurance?

Yes we can insure works but please be aware of the following caveats – value for insurance must be the same as value for customs, proof of packing is required and glass must be taped on glazed works. Our excess is – £250.

Will you undertake export paperwork for me?

Of course! If you are shipping on behalf of a company it is required by HMRC that you have a valid EORI / VAT number for us to include on your shipping paperwork. Details of how to apply are here: We can also offer advice on and organise carnets and temporary export paperwork.

What transport options do you offer?

We can offer a full range of global air, road and sea services as well as dedicated vehicle deliveries throughout the UK and Europe with tracked, air- ride and two man van options when necessary.

What other information do you need from me?

The following would be helpful in the first instance: Description of the work – including artist, title, medium, dimensions, value for customs / insurance. It is always helpful to know the purpose of shipping – is the work sold, returning to origin or going for an exhibition? EORI / VAT details. Collection and delivery address and delivery deadline.