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Testimonial – 867

March 11th, 2016

11 March 2016

To the office staff and drivers ,

I want to applaud your service, not just today but on numerous occasions. We are very strict to not go over our time slot, however, as we are suppliers to the NHS, on a number of occasion today being one of them, I received a very late urgent call from a hospital who had completely ran out of labels and ribbons for their printers and would have to close their dispensary unit this coming weekend from tomorrow.

I called Flight Logistics and mentioned that the delivery driver had already collected from us today and would it be at all possible if they could return, as I had an urgent delivery.

Polite as always, I was told not to worry, they have spoken with the driver and he will return for the late pick up.

I, on many occasions get calls from TNT, City Link etc and won’t even entertain them, why would I, with such fabulous service.

Well done ALL.

Kind regards

Karen Lear

Managing Director