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Testimonial – 566

August 21st, 2015

Hi Flight, I thought you might want to see this complimentary feedback from Ms BB L.  I have a feeling they buy quite a lot so you might hear from them directly regarding your services.Thanks for doing a great job!

“You are at the top of my “to do” list to send an e-mail  informing you of the safe delivery of our 3 framed Marc Quinn prints, & to thank you for the “smooth” process.
They were delivered to our apartment last Saturday.Both Steve from your side (UK) & Mr. Andrew Chan (HK) were very professional & efficient with freight & delivery, respectively.We are also very impressed by the high quality crate & packing our consignment came in! Very secure & sturdy!

Thanks once again, & hope to meet & “do business” with you again in future!

Warmest regards from very satisfied customers,
Ms BB L & Mr. PP C”