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July 5th, 2018

Sent: 04 July 2018 23:29
Importance: High

Hi Karl & Susan

Happy 4th July hope you have had some fun celebrations!

I just wanted to share the fantastic collaborative efforts of the teams in China, UK and our 3rd party partner Flight Logistics in getting these samples here so efficiently and cost-effectively.

All but a few have arrived and most of the missing ones are en route already and the products we have received look great and reflect all the detail we put into the re-cap.

This is the first time we have had to move so many samples in such a short space of time to hit such a key deadline and there are many new processes we have had to learn and create as we’ve gone along!

Special mentions should go to Linda who has pushed the factories very hard to get both the samples ready and the info to us in a timely and efficient manner, Dean Brown from Crews in the UK team who has taken over the coupa process on our behalf to speed up the deliveries and is also managing the storing and auditing of all the DDGS samples, Philip Radcliffe the UK customs co-ordinator who has stepped in to ensure everything comes through customs with the minimum of delays and Mike Price, our account manager at Flight Logistics who has worked diligently to move everything as cost effectively as possible within our very tight time frames.

It is a great example of collaborative work and a very small team of people pulling together to deliver great results.

Look forward to Susan and the market teams seeing the end result next week

Regards, Kate

Kate Kilkenny

Senior Product Development Manager – Design, Development & Sourcing – Home

Qurate Retail Group – Global Merchandising