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Testimonial – 1274

November 10th, 2017

Hello Simon,

Yes your guys did a brilliant job, when we first starting doing this for Gavin it was 25 titles, then it went up to 50 last year and then 75 this year plus all the other non-media titles he does, from our side once we make the booking it should be a relatively simple job, you ask the magazine, when, where and how many, that shouldn’t be that difficult really but the volume of them who can’t get that right is staggering, then we have the check everything and unlike if we are late with an ad where we just send a PDF by email but it’s very difficult to rectify 20,000 inserts if we have the wrong date on the list and have given it to you.

A couple of the magazines have been late mailing them out, only by a few days but you come to expect that with some of the less well organised publishers, suffice to say thank you, hope you get the business next year and I think given all of that Mr. Ucko must be very happy.

All the best