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Flight Logistics Group Ltd

Fuel Surcharge

Fuel Surcharges

Our current Fuel Surcharges as follows:

June 2021

Overseas: 18.5 %

Mainland UK: 9 %

Further Information

Due to significant fluctuations in the global cost of fuel over the last few years, Flight Logistics Group Ltd has been forced, along with the rest of our industry, to adopt a policy of applying Fuel Surcharges (known as FSC) on consignments, which is added as a percentage of the overall base charge.

This has been in place now for several years, and continues to be necessary, with the level of the charge being assessed, and amended if required, on a monthly basis. The rate of the FSC is determined according to published fuel prices, and will rise, fall, or even be removed in line with existing costs.

For express, standard, and deferred overseas Courier services, the FSC rate is determined according to a monthly average of the US Gulf Coast (USGC) spot price per gallon of Kerosene-type Jet Fuel, as published by the – EIA

Due to the way in which fuel is purchased by the airlines, and therefore the way that surcharges are applied to us by them and other overseas suppliers, the surcharge is always based on the average spot price as of 2 months before the current month.

For mainland UK services, the FSC rate is determined according to our measured diesel costs at the published consumer price (which is inclusive of duties and VAT), and the costs imposed on us by our suppliers.

The fuel surcharges index and associated methods of calculation are subject to change in response to many global factors, and Flight Logistics Group Ltd reserves the right to amend both at any time as becomes necessary.

Current rates will always be available on our website, and will be applied as a surcharge on your invoice.

Please note that FSC is not applied to Mail, and is applied entirely differently to Air and Sea Freight consignments on an ad-hoc basis.