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What’s causing the cardboard shortage?

February 8th, 2021

On the BBC webpage Axl Barber the boss of packaging firm Rightbox said that “a standard box with flaps at top and bottom can get made up in days and delivered in a week in normal times,” … “At the moment it’s two months, three months.”


So what are the reasons for this?
We’ve put together this short list of events that exasperated the situation:

  • Repercussions of Christmas demand
  • The growth in online orders during the lockdowns
  • Stockpiling during the Brexit deadline
  • Vehicles queuing up at borders with cardboard supplies
  • Amazon buying up huge supplies of cardboard

There’s also a shortage of recycled cardboard boxes as the pulp that makes them up is in short supply due in part to the points highlighted above.
There is some good news however, at least for Flight Logistics clients, we have good supplies of cardboard boxes and orders are being boxed and shipped on time.