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What extra precautions can be taken to protect fragile goods from tilt or shock damage during transit?

April 23rd, 2021

Successfully delivering undamaged goods on time is of course the main aim for an organisation like ours but achieving this is not just down to the shipping method or the materials used for packaging, it’s also down to recognizing the content’s bespoke requirements and the orientation it may need to travel in, in order to keep it safe from harm. If for example the shipment contains liquid and mustn’t be tilted beyond an angle or is especially susceptible to shock damage, then the following should be considered:

A fragile service
Our fragile service is a delivery process that provides a higher level of attention than the standard courier solution, ensuring your goods are delivered with the appropriate safety measures in place.
Correctly designed packaging
An A-Frame crate is the best solution and is designed to stand an item (or items) vertically or at a particular angle during transit, thus no tilting, being lain down or stacked upon.
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Apply tilt or shock indicator labels
These are often a highly visible psychological deterrent to shipment abuse and can encourage a higher level of care from handlers. In the event of mishandling these labels will mechanically activate in their own bespoke way depending on what type is used.
Products like DropNTell can show when rough handling occurs, or TipNTell will show if your package has been tipped from angles of 90° to 180°.