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We are turning 30! – Which is good news for one lucky artist – Competition time

January 29th, 2021

2021 is Flight Logistics 30-year anniversary and in celebration we are offering one artist the opportunity to get their art seen and enjoyed by the general public, collectors, buyers and gallerists on a daily basis for many years to come.

We are running a competition to find our next #flightlgart #ArtOnWheels artist. Read the information below and then submit suitable examples of your work that you think is appropriate for what we are looking for (outlined below).
We will provide the new vehicle, cover the cost of the wrap production, and the fitting – All you have to do is supply the art and then enjoy the publicity

What is #flightlgart #ArtOnWheels
It is a series of currently 16 art transporters that are wrapped in art by talented artists. By doing this we can showcase artwork in social environments by actively bringing it to the street for all to enjoy. Artists have included; D*Face, Dan Kitchener, SNIK, Jim Starr, The London Police, Adelaide Damoah, Natasha Kumar, Richard Orlinski, Seaty, Sophie Long, Daivid Aiu, Flight’s own design in celebration of artists in the collection, Mathias Chirombo and Claire Luxton.
Here are the details for entry:

  • Our theme for this anniversary vehicle is simple – positive and uplifting – 2021 needs this!
  • Artwork provided can either be a single piece of art or a compilation piece
  • You can create a bespoke design or submit an existing piece of art
  • Please bear in mind that the entire side of the vehicle needs to be covered – one central piece of art doesn’t work on a huge landscape canvas
  • Both sides of the vehicle will have identical imagery – the wrap company will flip the artwork submitted for the second side.
  • Email your concept to

To give our team time to select the artwork and then allow the artist time to prep a hi-res image and the wrapping company to prep and produce the wrap by end of March, please note the following:

  • Entries must be received by February 28th, 2021
  • Wrapping will commence towards the end of March

When you win
We will work with you to help you provide what we need for the wrap. The vehicle offers a huge blank canvas therefore artwork absolutely must be available to submit as a hi-res image – minimum 300 dpi as it will be sized up to 150 dpi and approx 5.3 meters x 2.4 – which is mammoth!

For examples of the type of layout that works well please take a look at our 2 most recent wraps in the above video and previous ShipArt #ArtOnWheels wraps.