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Testimonial – 165

August 29th, 2014

We ship large numbers of highly perishable endangered species of bare-rooted artificially propagated plants, which have taken up to 10 years to grow, and have very exacting handling requirements. It’s taken us over 12 years to come across this company and we wish it had happened sooner. Apart from their competitive rates, their speedy service and level of communication every step of the way for the 20 consignments they have handled for us to date has been truly excellent.

The last very large company we used for over a decade were frequently misrouting and sometimes even losing our packages and despite sky high prices and their slogans about “transparency” and “we deliver goods and not excuses” they would never, ever, admit that they had made a mistake or apologise when they did and we often didn’t really know what was going on much of the time when things went wrong. Sometimes they clearly didn’t know either. By comparison, one of our recent shipments with Flight Logistics came up with this message on their online tracking:

In Transit to Destination Pls Be Advised The Above Mentioned Material Has Been Missrouted To Prg And Will Now Be Sent On Next Rotation Resulting In A 24hr Delay. Sincere Apologies And Thanks For Your Understanding.

Is that bad? Not a bit – everyone makes mistakes from time-to-time. This company admitted it, told us about it and fixed it fast. True to their word, the delay was only 24 hours and everything worked out fine in the end, mainly because everything else they had done up to that point had been so efficient. Other organisations could learn a great deal about customer service and the value of transparency from these guys. To be treated as fools and fobbed off with excuses and misinformation as has happened to us so many times in the past with several other much larger companies just makes a bad situation massively worse.

Thank you again to the well-integrated team at Flight Logistics. We’re delighted and now looking forward to entrusting our most precious Chelsea Flower Show exhibition plants to your care in May.