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Testimonial – 1010

July 14th, 2016

More feedback for our fab driving team!

Sent: 01 July 2016 14:29
To: Customer Service
Subject: FW: Quo Vadis – Event items

Hi all,

Please see the feedback below from our Marketing team.

Thank you for your work on this, the driver was fantastic and helped take a lot of pressure off Marketing which you can see was of great help.-

From: Emily Pariera
Sent: 01 July 2016 11:00
Cc: UK-LN-Postroom
Subject: RE: Quo Vadis – Event items

Perfect, thanks Jimmy.

I also spoke to Rachael yesterday and mentioned that the driver who collected the items was amazing! He was on his own and helped us clear the venue with no access to a goods lift (and lots of stairs). It wasn’t an easy job as we had lots of mannequins, his positive attitude definitely made our jobs much easier, we’d like to thank him  if possible.

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