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Stricter regulations regarding air transport of lithium batteries effective April 1 2016

January 22nd, 2016

Transporting lithium batteries remains controversial due to the inherent risks and the fact that fires in consignments of lithium batteries have been implicated in the loss of 3 aircraft over the last 10 years. For lithium batteries to be safe they must be produced in absolutely sterile, laboratory conditions. However many cheaper, counterfeit batteries are now being produced in less than ideal manufacturing environments and as a result they do not meet the product standard and safety is being compromised.

Some industry related bodies, including airline pilots are pressing for a total ban on the transport of lithium batteries by air. A request for a total ban was refused by the Dangerous Goods Panel of the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) recently as it was felt that this would penalise compliant manufacturers and lead to a higher level (than there currently is) of misdeclaration of goods by non-compliant producers. Details of the 4 keys changes  effective April 1st 2016 and the  relevant report can be found  here . Further information is available on the IATA website here .