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Non-conveyable reg changes

As a result of COVID and its effect on manual handling regulations and health and safety in the workplace we have had the following service update from our overnight carrier regarding non conveyable shipments ie. anything unboxed. Specifically, this is being introduced due to the requirement of social distancing guidelines to be adhered to throughout the overnight network sortation hubs and also the rapid increase of deliveries being sent through the overnight networks as more people shop online and work from home. Essentially manual handling is being minimised, the use of automated sortation and conveyor belts is increasing and the number of staff on site is being reduced.

Our overnight carrier has implemented a number of new measures that will impact on some clients. This is to help manage the huge seasonal increases anticipated through the UK delivery networks – many of which will be unsuitable for automated belt sortation due to their size or packaging. Increases in manual sortation will take much longer, there will be a “queue” of shipments that can only be manually sorted and processed and with fewer staff in the sortation space this will also lead to delays loading vehicles, delays in vehicles leaving hubs and delays in trunkers arriving in time for onforwarding at local depots.

There are a number of measures that are being considered but the first to be confirmed is a change to NC (Non-Conveyable ) consignments. From Monday 12th October, all NC consignments will be limited to two items per consignment, if you have more than two items an additional consignment must be booked for every additional 2 parcels.. So if you have four pieces, you will have to ship them as two consignments, each containing two pieces. The second criteria is that to qualify as NC, all items must be in boxes, this must be a robust cardboard box capable of enclosing the size & weight of the enclosed items.

As a result of the above additionally with effect from October 12th all un-boxed NC consignments (regardless of size) will incur additional handling charges in the form of a £25 surcharge per consignment (up to 25kgs in 2 boxes) in addition to regular tariff charges. For consignments not meeting these criteria we recommend you contact the office for a quote prior to shipping.

Please note that the two items limit will also apply to the XS service from the same date, Monday 12th October. So again if you have four pieces, you will have to ship them as two consignments, each containing two pieces.

This is likely to affect shipments such as film equipment, pelicases, unboxed laptops and technical equipment, suitcases and bags but if you are in any doubt at all please contact us by phone or email to discuss your specific requirements.

Please note that this does not affect deliveries we cover on our own vehicles. Please check with us prior to shipping to see which areas we do cover.