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October 6th, 2015

Our waste disposal practices conform to current legislation and we only utilise the services of recognised waste management and recycling companies.

All general office waste is sorted for recycling with minimal landfill. All waste is certified on collection.

All cardboard and plastic waste is baled using our own Waste Press and collected and processed by TGM Environmental for full recycling. All recycling is certified on collection.

We have a full pallet and art case recycling service, re-using all pallets (standard, printers and euros) throughout our warehouse and distribution network. All treated pallets are kept for export services and all CHEP pallets are audited each week through the CHEP Pallet scheme.

Broken pallets and art cases that can’t be reused are sent to J James Ltd. They mend pallets for re-use or break down and recycle them for new panel boarding or animal bedding. Anything low grade that cannot be re-used in any way is sent to a WID (IED) compliant Biomass plant.