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How do I ship large canvas artwork?

January 5th, 2021

The first thing to consider is what your main objectives are. Is it to do as cheaply as possible? Lessen the involvement of professionals? Ensure the absolute best protection during transit? The speed of its delivery?
Other considerations that affect the answer are the value of the piece, where you’re shipping it to, its dimensions and weight.
To answer the question, we’re going to break it into 2 sections – ‘rolled up’, and ‘on its frame’!

Rolled up
If you know that the recipient will be able to re stretch the canvas, then you could ship the artwork rolled up in a tube with the framework collapsed. This would give you more of an opportunity to keep the cost lower as outer packing would be a strong cardboard tube (not recommended for high value pieces) which you could pack yourself. Your shipping cost would be lower than if shipped fully framed as it will be a smaller size.
Make sure that you protect the artwork with glassine paper (air, water, and grease resistant), bubble wrap it and waterproof it in a sealed environment. You can find more information on self-packing using the link below.
On its frame
Often the artwork must be shipped on its frame making it large and cumbersome and vulnerable to knocks in transit. In this instance (depending on its value), we highly recommend that you employ the help of professionals like Flight Logistics-ShipArt to collect, pack, and deliver. You must consider cost versus safety
The first thing you should do is get a quote from a reliable organisation. Then ask them for advice on how to pack the piece for collection from your premises, the answer will depend on where you are and the distance between you and the packers.
You will need to insure your work in transit.
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