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Here’s a quick guide to help you create a robust shipping strategy for online sales

January 13th, 2021

Finding a shipping strategy that suits your way of business is essential to the success of your online store. Surprisingly, so many individuals /businesses make the mistake of underestimating the importance of Logistics within the e-commerce model.

Here’s what you can do to be prepared:
Recognise the shipping methods required for your sold items
There are multiple shipping options available depending on cost platforms, destination, content and any specialty services your items require such as fragile or oversized. Speaking with an established company like Flight Logistics based in Wokingham at this early stage is highly recommended to receive advice on appropriate solutions.
Decide where you will store the items and who will manage order taking, pick and pack
There are many benefits to outsourcing these requirements, as it can save you time to run your business as well as (in many cases) save on cost. Here’s a great checklist for requirements such as  order taking, pick and pack.
Understand the packaging that will be required for UK and international shipping
Once you’ve decided on the shipping methods, work out what kind of inner and outer packing will be required for a successful delivery. It is vital that the packaging adequately protects against hard knocks and crushing, but keep in mind not to use oversized packaging as it can affect your volumetric weight and therefore the cost to ship. Here’s some great information on professional art packaging available.
Decide how to set and communicate shipping costs per item on your website
The perfect solution would be to promote an item with an accompanying price for shipping at the time of purchase. One way Flight Logistics supports their e-commerce clients with this is to provide them with a global tariff showings costs per weight, delivery option, and destination. Our clients use the information to incorporate into their websites allowing their buyers to use drop down boxes to choose shipping requirements.
Be aware of Customs requirements and paperwork
Brexit for example has made selling into Europe more complex than it was before with additional legislative compliance now required. The good news is that we at Flight Logistics keep you informed with the facts that you need to know. On our website you will find relevant Brexit information on Ready Steady Brexit, and downloadable forms such as Commercial invoice and Pro Forma invoice. to name a couple
If you would like advice on setting up your strategy including warehousing, order processing, and shipping please contacts us.