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Pro-Forma Invoice

December 29th, 2015

You should use a Pro-Forma invoice to accompany your consignment whenever the goods are being supplied Free of Charge to the Consignee.

  • You must state a true and fair value for the goods
  • The Description of Goods should be in plain language, and with sufficient detail to enable Customs classification
  • Under reason for export you should include the statement: Goods supplied Free of charge to consignee. No Commercial value. Not for Sale or Resale.
  • Examples of acceptable Reasons for export that can be used on a Pro Forma include: Exhibition Use/Samples/Unsolicited gift/Inter-company material/Research purposes/returned for repair etc.
  • If you require additional guidance, this may help CLICK HERE.
  • For advice on producing a statement of origin of goods CLICK HERE.

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