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Discovering art in surprising places – The Cedars Yard story

February 15th, 2021

The following is written by our marketing manager and proves that even during these days of lockdown, you can still get to enjoy art in reality as opposed to virtually:

Sometimes the best experiences come when you least expect them, like when you’re busily engaged in an unrelated activity and happen upon something that’s of great interest.
I have a love of the sea, I also have a keen interest in art, so it comes as no surprise that I love seascapes which is exactly what I came face to face with on a dog walk at the weekend as I took a new route through the trees. I found what I always imagined to be the spirit of what being creative is all about, living a slightly bohemian existence in a place that mirrors its occupant’s inventiveness and charisma.

Dan and Emma Read
In a very pleasant and fitting country studio come workshop (in Blackmoor, Hants), I met artist Emma J Read and her partner Dan Yaroslaw at what they term as a “joint venture of art and timber” in their “little corner of the world”. It really is the most wonderful experience of creativity with beautifully painted scenes of blue from Emma, and wooden furniture including blue epoxy resin tables designed by Dan.
Emma J Read – Abstract Seascape Artist
From dark and stormy waves with flecks of pink to the occasional hint of turquoise, her artwork is based mainly on the sea and they are simply breath taking. She has always loved everything about it, the swells, the power of clashing waves and the wild deep colours.

Work by Emma J Read
Dan – Creative Arborist
Dan uses local timber which he handpicks and hand-mills himself to make the most beautiful furniture. His blue epoxy resin tables are like opal rivers in wood, quite spectacular.

Work by Dan Yaroslaw
All in all they have succeeded in creating their small haven. I don’t know if post lockdown Emma and Dan invite the public to their collection on site but you can see and buy their work on the Cedars Yard’s website

Some images above sourced from Cedar Yard website